Generate Random Charts

Stop using not-so-random, clunky charts in your design concepts. Nor do you have to waste time searching for images of charts on Google, or building your own visualizations in Excel, Illustrator, or Axure just to illustrate a concept. Now you can generate more meaningful visualizations.

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Choose Chart

First select which chart type you would like to generate. Currently you can generate random data for a bar, line, pie, doughnut, radar, polar area, and map charts. Future functionality will include other visualization types.

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Randomize & Customize

You can use the default data and chart styles, or you can apply custom preferences. You can set the number of data points, data sets, minimum and maximum values, and more. You can also set chart style properties like colors.

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Download Chart

After you have done all your customizations, all you have to do is download the image or copy and paste it into whichever tool you are using to illustrate your concept (e.g. Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc).

Generate Bar Chart

Bar charts are great for visualizing grouped categories.

Generate Line Chart

Line charts are great for visualizing continuous data and showing trends or change over time.

Generate Pie Chart

Pie charts are great for...

Generate Doughnut Chart

Doughnut charts, like pie charts, are great for ...

Generate Radar Chart

Radar charts are great for ...

Generate Polar Area Chart

Polar Area charts are great for ...

Generate Geographical Map

Maps are great for showing...